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our price € 1.50 (1.50 $)


Czech Jewellery s.r.o.
Benešov u Semil 222
512 06 Benešov u Semil , Czech
phone: +420725050205
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our price € 0.50 (0.50 $)
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Free Delivery WORLDWIDE for our Order Beads

minimum requiement 35

::: Orders under € 35 will be added transportation fee + 3.5% paypal fee  :::

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All payments directly from BeadEshopEU via Paypal.com be turned off.

We will prepare a Paypal.com invoice, but we recommend:

  • bead eshop payment via Paypal

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We sending Beads Order

a letter EU , Worldwide via Czech post in International Insured Letter


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The beads featured on this site can be found at your  bead eshop .

If you have difficulty finding any supplies, we'll be happy to help.

Are you a bead store looking for Czech Beads Online BeadEshop ?

We’ll be happy to get you started with our patterns developed especially for classes.

czech glass beads pinch 3x5 MM



fire polished crystal rainbow



buy beads online



fire polished beads


slight variations are characteristic of handmade and are not consideredfor defects in the final product !!!!


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